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Optimize workflow in pharmaceutical production with new HMI Operator Panels



Life Science Solutions

Environmental conditions and regulatory requirements are the cornerstone for the Life Science, and Pharma industry.

Blue Line’s solutions are high quality, reliable, secure, efficient and compliant to all environments in Life Science industries enabling you to optimize manufacturing and workflow.

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You can learn more about our solutions for Pharma and Life Science in this brand new brochure.

Read about Blue Lines solutions for Cleanrooms GMP grade A, B, C, and D.

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Keep bacteria and fluids away

Our cabinets are consciously designed with slanted and rounded edges, as well as smooth partitions, so that fluids – for example, water that has been spilled on the screen or the keyboard – drip off.

Slanted sides and rounded edges also means that products are easy to clean, even in the corners.

High quality stainless steel resists tough cleaning detergents, including VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) treatment.

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Sensitive to multiple layers of gloves

Blue Line’s solutions come with a touch screen designed for use with up to three layers of gloves or without gloves.

The ‘touch’ is protected by a hardened glass plate and is easy to clean. Having a touch function is a simple, easy way to optimize your workflow.

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Avoid Breaking the Cleanroom Seal

This unique product line can be integrated into the wall so that the solution can be serviced without breaking the seal of the cleanroom avoiding expensive downtime and saving a thorough cleaning – a considerable benefit.

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Modular Design

Blue Line’s modular design makes it possible to configure computers and operator panels fully to specific needs in function, finish, and environment. Choose between different variants, casing, size, input, communication and mounting.

If you do not find a combination that fits your requirements, Blue Line has a strong capability to customize products according to your specification.

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New 3rd Generation of Operator Panels

Blue Line introduces OP215 series, a unique combination of high quality, elegant design and an even wider range of configurations than previous generations.

Blue Line's OP215 series are flexible solutions designed to meet the highest sterile requirements.

• Robust fully welded sealed enclosure
• Acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316 that withstands tough cleaning detergents
• 21.5″ TFT full HD display projected capacitive touch
• Can be operated with up to 3 layers of gloves
• Monitor or with build-in PC/client
• Flexible mounting for wall, pipe, pole, feet etc.
• Connects to 9-36V DC or 90-240V AC
• Option for integrated barcode reader
• Option for USB and serial ports

3rd generation products at sterile-computers.com



21.5” Operator Touch Panel

Robust touch display with wide range of options

21.5" Operator Touch Panel at sterile-computers.com


21.5” Operator Touch Panel Embedded

Robust touch display for panel mount, in-wall or integrated in machines. Wide range of options

21.5” Operator Touch Panel Embedded at sterile-computers.com


21.5” Operator Touch Panel with Keyboard

Robust touch display with keyboard. Wide range of options

21.5” Operator Touch Panel with Keyboard at sterile-computers.com


Blue Line exporting stainless steel solutions

Blue Line increases exports and our new international website www.sterile-computers.com has just been launched.





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