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AT&T Case Study


Giving the Power Back to Your Customers at the Point of Purchase



AT&T Inc. is the 21st largest mobile telecom operator in the world, with over 107.9 million mobile customers. So when Motorola is in the middle of one of their biggest ever roll outs for the next big handset to hit the market, Moto X, they no doubt want to capture this target market.

Similarly, AT&T’s main objective is to achieve an increase in revenue from the various plans available once a customer chooses to purchase a Motorola handset.

However, the challenge remains in convincing the customer that Moto X is the phone of their choice especially when surrounded with a myriad of options . At the point of purchase the customer must instantly get the full picture of what makes this new handset different from all the others.

Throughout the campaign Motorola’s main message to consumers were: “The only smart phone assembled in the USA” and “Make it really Yours”. The former emphasizing commitment to rebuilding the American economy and the latter giving the distinction we all crave by extension of the way your phone looks.

So how do we get this message across to consumers especially at the most crucial point – the point of sale?



Motorola retained the services of Outform to deliver a Point of Sale (POS) display solution that will ensure these messages reach the consumers when and where it mattered most - in store. Having the expertise and knowledge of working in retail spaces, especially in companies that are very protective of how they allow providers to utilize this valuable space, Outform suggested combining i-Display tablets with Moto X accessories and live units in existing POS options in the store.

The ability of the i-Display tablets to run Android compatible content allowed Motorola to build an APP that can be uploaded directly to the tablets. This gave the option of uploading a wide range of content that clearly showed consumers how their phones can be customized, making it really “Theirs”.

Also the temptation to use regular consumer tablets in these commercial environments was soon eliminated once Motorola understood the robust hardware for which the i-Display has become popular.

There is no need for any protective cover over the tablet as both screen and hardware were built specifically for commercial environments allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of consumer interaction.




This video below explicitly shows the outstanding results implementing the i-Display tablets within this project.  Here we see a consumer using the i-Display tablet to test different options for customizing the Moto X and then being completely satisfied with the result places an order.




The i-Display Tablet gave the consumer full autonomy over designing the phone without the interruption of sales clerks. The use of such technology gives the consumer the confidence that he is in full control of his purchasing decision and is not being influenced by an overzealous sales clerk. Of course the sales clerks can be helpful in providing further guidance into the options available but this interaction leaves the consumer still leaves feeling empowered.



i-Display Tablets 7”, 10.1”, 15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5”. See i-Display Tablets here.

Primary Features

  • User-friendly high quality touch screen that allows viewers to easily and intuitively interact with your engaging content.
  • Multiple Add on Possibilities – NFC Card reader, motion sensor, push button
  • Password protected for secure content
  • Variety of mounting fixtures – wall, table, shelf, floor


  • Open Android OS
  • Built in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 3G or 4G LTE


CaseFrontATT edited 1ABOUT AT&T
With employees in more than 60 countries, AT&T is the largest innovation-led telecommunications company in the world. They’re constantly using new ideas, groundbreaking technology and exciting partnerships to transform the way people live and work.

They touch every industry, including TV entertainment, home security, automotive and healthcare. From smart phones to cuttingedge services, their global workforce supports a new age of advanced communication. What does it all mean? That people can connect faster and do more than anyone ever imagined from wherever they are.

But the real power is how they drive businesses and support economies worldwide. Not to mention how they bring friends, families and communities together.



Outform and iDisplay are sold by Blue Line.


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