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KOBO Case Study

Creating a POS Display Language that Attracts Your Consumers and Enhances Your Company’s Brand



Kobo is a leading manufacturer of e-readers which provide ultimate comfort and access to millions of books online at a reader’s fingertips. Converting buyers of traditional books into e-reader connossieurs is their goal. Reaching potential customers at the point of sale in local book stores is their strategy. Executing this plan is their challenge.

How can the Kobo e-reader be the hero products in store without detracting from the stores’ guidelines and at the same time match the Kobo brand and vision? More importantly how can sticky hands be deterred yet keep the
high-end look of the displays?



Kobo sought the expertise of Outform’s Creative department to provide the ideal solution. Within a few short weeks the team created a design language for a sleuth of POS displays that fit seamlessly with Kobo’s existing brand. Three tiers of options were settled upon in order to appease stores with different budgets.

Each option focused on a very high end look but allowed the client to choose from a variety of materials and security solutions in order to meet price targets.

In addition, Outform’s i-Display solutions were often integrated to maximize visibility and higher engagement with potential customers. Partnering with Invue

Security systems each live unit was confidently secured using Invue’s world class security solutions. This allowed sales clerks to be more focused on the task at hand – closing the sale.



Since the implementation of this new line of POS display options, Kobo has been able to negotiate with many more stores for placement of POS displays in their locations. In less than 2 years they have seen the demand more than doubled for POS displays and have selected Outform as their trusted partner for delivering these solutions. This has contributed to an increase in the number of e-readers sold and more importantly established the brand in new markets into which they have recently expanded.

Currently they are preparing for a massive roll out in India in October, 2013 and expect that with the Outform POS displays they will soon have command of the market.



  • Project Brief to understand your company, its consumers and how their decisions are affecting your industry.
  • Conceptual planning of various scenarios involving all levels of the Customer’s journey until we find the ideal plan for your products and company.
  • Exclusive access to Outform’s in-house Creative designers to create a display piece that will attract and engage your customers.
  • Product Development to ensure that it says what it does and does what it says.
  • Full access to our interactive design team that will create rich content to bring potential customers right up to your display.
  • Large volumes of product manufacturing are our specialty. Just place the order and leave the rest up to us.
  • Logistics can be a headache but we ensure it’s not your headache. We will take care of packaging your products securely, shipping and tracking until it arrives to its final destination.




Kobo Inc. is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services offering over 3 million eBooks, magazines and newspapers.

Believing that consumers should have the freedom to read any book on any device, Kobo has built an open-standards platform to provide consumers with a choice when reading. Inspired by a “Read Freely” philosophy and a passion for innovation, Kobo has expanded to nearly 190 countries, where millions of consumers have access to localized eBook catalogues and award-winning eReaders, like the Kobo Touch.

With top-ranked eReading applications for Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows products, Kobo allows consumers to make eReading social through Facebook Timeline and Reading Life, an industry-first social experience that lets users earn awards for time spent reading and encourage others to join in. Headquartered in Toronto and owned by Tokyo-based Rakuten, Kobo eReaders can be found in major retail chains across the globe.



Outform and iDisplay are sold by Blue Line.

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