Blue Line Industrial Jetson GPU Solution

Ultra-compact GPU Solution for AI and deep learning inference platform for robots and machine vision

• Design to fit in small chassis
• Low power edge computing
• Nvidia Jetson TX2 256 CUDA
• Project based only configured to the requirements

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Model Type


Form Factor

Ultra small


Fanless or smart fan

Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
processor HMP dual denver 2 / 2MB L2+
  quad arm A57 2MB L2
Graphics processing NVIDIA Tegra X2 
  NVIDIA Pascal™ Tegra X2 256 CUDA™ Cores
  Single-Precision Floating Point (GFLOPS): 1.5 TFLOPS
Memory size 8GB LPDDR4
Memory interface 128bit
Memory bandwidth 58.3GB/s

1 x Micro SD slot

Input / Output
1 x HDMI, 2 x CAN Bus
1 x Micro USB 2.0 OTG
2 x USB 3.0
1 x RS232
1 x  RJ-45 GbE LAN: 
Operating System

Linux Ubuntu

Power Supply

+12V DC-in by terminal block

Warranty and After Sales Support

Standard 1 year (option for 3 years)